5 Ways Case Management Software Can Transform the Way You Work

Say goodbye to manual attendance tracking

Case managers shouldn’t be worrying about manual tasks. Their focus is to improve their clients’ care while managing their cases efficiently. And if there are multiple case managers working on a single case, coordination amongst them needs to be effortless. 

In fact, studies have shown that manual time entry can be prone to error and also raise Medicaid red flags leading to billing audits. With a case management software, all that’s long forgotten. It captures the information of check-ins and check-outs in real-time. This way, the exact time, duration, and locations of visits are recorded on spot at the click of a button. IDD agencies can tremendously reduce paperwork, store all the data in one place and have it ready for audits. With these benefits, the agencies can manage their operations rather efficiently.  

Rest assured, with the help of a case management software, EVV records are up-to-date, with improved information sharing, and can be accessed centrally. 

Writing down case notes is history

Let’s face it, taking notes by hand can be tiring and inefficient for case managers. Quite frankly, the notes can be erroneous and incomplete at times. Inaccurate and half information entry of clients leads to low-quality care and distorted tracking of clients’ progress. 

Case management software such as FieldWorker is typically embedded with a cutting-edge voice-to-text feature that can quickly capture case notes without errors and up-to-date information. The voice-to-text technology ensures that case managers can effortlessly dictate and notes will be automatically transcribed. Review it once and it’s all done. Case management software gives the flexibility to take notes in real-time during client visits. This way, the case managers can avoid going back to the work desk and recalling every minute detail of the case while missing important information relevant to the client’s progress. 

With such a meticulous note-taking automation solution, client satisfaction is inevitably going to be great.

Billing has a bad rep, let’s change that

Are you tired of delayed billing? Do you have to employ extra manpower for processing your payments? How much time do you spend finding relevant documents, fixing errors in billing, review your staff’s attendance? 

It’ll be inaccurate to say that a case management software has a billing feature that just tracks staff attendance. A good case management software is beyond that. It serves the entire organization’s workflow. Whether they are compliance checks, reporting, field visits by case managers, etc. A robust software enables your agency to truly focus on care while operational stress is offloaded with the help of technology. This helps you easily retrieve the information at the end of the month, project forecasts, assess your staff’s productivity, reduce payment cycles, and manage the agency in a much better manner — bringing down the costs and serving more clients.

Proudly present your audit-ready data

Nothing is more stressful than an audit. If you run a disability agency service, then you know complying with the ever-changing guidelines and requirements of federal, state, and regional funders is no easy task. You have to be thorough with each rule and regulation, their demands, documentation, submission, and reimbursements.

Case management software solves this problem by tracking all the information for your organization in the right form of documents. The software makes it simple to keep up-to-date records including EVV, timesheets, billing, and case notes in a single place. In fact, case management software such as FieldWorker is HIPAA-compliant ensuring 100% privacy and security of all client records.

Compelling business insights at the click of a button

Making strategic decisions to improve organizational outcomes requires a ton of data. 

Case management software gives you an insight into all the data so that you can access them within seconds. It gives you information about how your team is spending their time in an accessible and understandable format. It gives you access to revenue and budget information on every single action performed. Case management software helps you boost efficiency and optimize your operations and make decisions confidently with on-demand insights so your agency can reach new heights. 

Since IDD agencies work with a tight budget, making quick important decisions is critical. Whether that means going back to the drawing board, brainstorming on the next move, or using technology to automate certain aspects of the organization. The availability of the entire organization’s data in one single place is a goldmine. With such powerful data, the agency’s management can draw business insights, strategically change the trajectory of the business, and project forecasts for the agency. This in turn helps the agency be more profitable without compromising the quality of care.

If you are looking for a user-friendly robust platform that meets your agency’s unique needs, check out FieldWorker. Schedule a free demo or start a 14-DAYS FREE TRIAL.

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