Get the Insights You Need to Grow Your Agency

Access vital information to give you a pulse on how your agency is performing and identify areas for growth and improvement.

How is your agency currently performing? How many cases have you taken on in the past month? How much time are your team spending on visits? If it would take you a while to find the answers – here’s a way that you can access them within seconds instead.

Know Exactly How to Grow Your Agency

  • Access to revenue and budget information on a high-level and granular level.
  • Overview of your team’s activity including insights into how they’re spending their time.
  • Track all projects and tasks and progress throughout, making it simple to identify bottlenecks and obstacles.
  • See how changes to your operations impact your metrics – and access the insights you need to take your agency to new heights.

FieldWorker: On-Demand Insights and Dashboards to Grow Your Agency

Ready to have valuable metrics and insights a your fingertips and keep a pulse on your agency?


You’ll be able to see an overview of your upcoming tasks in addition to a calendar, giving you an insight into what else you’ve got coming up. You can also see a snapshot of your recent timesheet entries and a log of any recent calls you have made. If you’re the admin for your agency, you’ll have access to other dashboard views giving you overviews of your agency’s vitals, allowing you to see how everything is running.

Yes! Your team will see their own version of the dashboard in the mobile app, listing out their current and upcoming tasks. They’ll also be able to check in and out of tasks from here in a matter of seconds. Nice and easy!

Only admin users will be able to see the vitals dashboards. Your team will only have access to task-related dashboards, for their own or their team’s schedules. This means you’ll have a complete overview of all activity going on across your agency.

Dashboards give you key insights into how many visits and tasks your team are completing within any given timeframe, how many new clients you’ve signed up, key budget info, and more. Over time, you’ll be able to see changes in these metrics, allowing you to identify what’s going well and where bottlenecks are, informing which actions you can take to grow.

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