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Why use FieldWorker? Because FieldWorker’s all-in-one platform allows you to manage your agency’s operations in one place. FieldWorker is an accessible platform that gives your agency the tools to become the best in the field.

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Time Management

Staying on track and on time simplified

Make it easy for your team to know exactly what they need to do and by when – and ensure they have access to all the info they need to deliver.

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Be EVV-compliant without the hassle

We know EVV can be complicated. But it shouldn’t be – that’s why we’ve simplified the whole process. Be compliant in just one click.

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Case Notes

Record notes by voice in a matter of minutes

Our mobile app allows your team to record updates to case notes by voice, making it quicker and easier to keep your records up to date.

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Say hello to accelerated, error-free billing cycles

FieldWorker is a centralized hub for all your records with simple time tracking to ensure accurate – and faster – billing.

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Look forward to your next audit?

It doesn’t need to be a panic to get your records audit-ready at a moment’s notice. FieldWorker makes it easy to keep your records up-to-date at all times.

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Task Management

As easy as ticking a box

Set deadlines, create checklists, keep track of priorities, send reminders and see an overview of your own tasks and your team’s tasks.

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Get the pulse on your agency

See an overview of how your team is performing, making it easy to spot any bottlenecks before they become a problem.

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