Save yourself 10-15 hours a month !

Focus on your clients while FieldWorker automates, pre-fills data,  guides and helps complete your Monitoring Tools(MT’s, Monthly and Quarterly)! You have less information to enter, you have confidence that the information is correct, you have the latest information from DDD and your MT gets completed, approved & submitted quickly.

We understand how much time you spend in data entry and validation, ensuring accuracy and tracking your followup items. You want to ensure that your submissions are error free and of a high quality. FieldWorker makes this entire process easy, quick and error free.

*MT(Monitoring Tools) requirements for Support Coordination Agencies working with NJ DHS/DDD

Did you know?

With recent changes from DDD for 2023, average completion time for an MT with followup items, can be 30-40 minutes !

FieldWorker Feature

Pre-filled Data from iRecord 
FieldWorker uses the latest information available, automates inputs from DDD, pre-fills fields in the MT’s and guides you through to completion. By pre-filling this data, you save time by having less to enter, and gives you confidence that the information is correct, as it has already been validated.

FieldWorker Features

Track and Validate Follow ups
FieldWorker tracks, remembers & flags follow up items across visits. It  easily and quickly guides the SC through the process,  requires details on “*” answers, flags follow ups from past visits, and makes sure that MT’s are completely and accurately completed.

FieldWorker Feature

Schedule  MT’s and Plan Renewals
FieldWorker gives you a view into your MT schedule for MMT’s and QMT and highlights critical dates so that your plan renewal is always timely.

Ensure quality of your MT submissions
FieldWorker helps you ensure that all the information is accurate, giving you the confidence in avoiding any manual errors that slow down payments, thanks to the overall MT process being quicker and leveraging automation. Avoid “Cloning”, We guide you through the completion process, every MT is uniquely created, DDD data is current and pre-filled, follow-ups tracked and you are always audit ready!

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Join the FieldWorker Revolution and Streamline Your Workflow Today!

Automate workflows, complete MT’s quickly & accurately, automate approval workflows and submit !

  • Reduce the number of fields you need to fill out with pre-filled data.
  • Track follow-ups to keep your records accurate, ensuring your MT is correct and complete
  • Save support coordinators and supervisors significant amounts of time and stress with data tracking and flagging
  • Centralize & Visualize all information and documents in an intuitive dashboard
  • Automate the MT supervisor review workflow for quicker approvals, submissions & payments !
  • Be always audit ready with all your documentation & processes accurate and complete.

FieldWorker: Case Management and Field Service Software built for a mobile workforce

Ready to see for yourself how FieldWorker can simplify follow-ups and automate your data validation?


Yes! The Monitoring Tool you fill out in FieldWorker extensively covers all of the information required by New Jersey’s DDD. This includes recent updates at the beginning of 2023, which required more information to be provided within each report. FieldWorker helps ensure your data and records are complete, accurate, and efficient to give you confidence in a smooth and simple MT process.

FieldWorker is an all-in-one centralized hub for all of your data. We pre-fill a lot of information for you, and guide you through any follow-up and required items so that you don’t have to go back and check what was done and required from prior months. We aim to save you time and stress when it comes to filling out MTs.

Yes! After each MT, you can specify any follow-up actions including phone calls and visits, and by when they’re required. This will be recorded and shown on the dashboard for your support coordinators, ensuring they meet all deadlines and keep a clear overview of what follow-ups are required and by when.

Our team is here whenever you need us! We take great pride in partnering with organizations to make sure you get the benefits you need from FieldWorker, which is why any time you have questions, need support, or have suggestions, our team of dedicated and expert customer success managers will be available.

It’s quick! Our team will walk you through the entire process, and you can be up and running within a day. We’ve made it very simple and easy to use, so you don’t need to worry about needing extensive training for you and your team to be able to benefit. Chat with us, get signed up, import your data, and you’re good to go.

Across the FW platform we automate quality controls and provide an easy way to capture data. This ensures that your records are accurate, while at the same time making it easier to update information, so that there are no gaps. This flows through to the MTs, giving you confidence in the data, eliminating errors and ensuring quick and quality submissions.

Of course! As an agency owner or manager, you’ll have an overview of your team’s activity, including MTs, and you’ll be able to track this from your own purpose-designed dashboard. Additionally, whenever a team member submits an MT, you’ll be notified and be able to review it. You can either approve it or send it back if there are any corrections to be made.

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Learn more about FieldWorker.

Book your free demo.

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