Time Management Simplified

Leading to faster, error-free billing cycles

Over 75% of bills contain errors, and most are due to inaccurate time and activity records. Fieldworker’s time management system gives you confidence in your billing process.

Did you know?

Over 75% of bills contain errors, and most are due to inaccurate time and activity records. Fieldworker’s time management system gives you confidence in your billing process.

Time tracking simplified
We’ve implemented a simple one-tap check-in and out system. This together with our phone app time tracker means your team can keep track of their time on visits and activities in seconds – wherever they are.

Accuracy and EVV-compliance
Our simple time tracking features mean your team can track their time accurately. This in turn leads to more accurate billing. Our check-in and out function records all information required for your records to be EVV-compliant.

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Accelerated billing
It’s tedious spending hours chasing up bills and correcting errors. This doesn’t only waste your time, it also slows down the billing cycle. FieldWorker’s time tracking means your bills are accurate and contain all information needed. That means more confidence in your bills, and less time wasted!

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Timesheets and Single-Touch Check-in and Out

  • Track time and expenses associated with tasks in a matter of seconds – it’s never been easier!
  • Easily amend time records for any activities or projects.
  • See an overview with our timesheets feature.
  • Check-in and out the moment you arrive and leave a visit, giving you the most accurate way to manage your time and billing.
  • Individual and team-level tracking, giving you the flexibility to track group progress towards specific goals.
  • Track your time on our web platform or app, wherever you are!

FieldWorker: Case Management and Field Service Software built for a mobile workforce

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Once you’ve invited your team to join you on the FieldWorker platform, you’ll be able to assign tasks directly to them. When you add a new task, you’ll have the chance to add all required information, including who in your team will be working on it. They’ll then see it in their list of tasks along with all the relevant information.

FieldWorker gives you the option to upload projects, which usually correspond with ISPs. Once you’ve added the relevant project or ISP, you’ll be able to add related tasks by specifying which project a task falls under when setting a new task. You can find more info on this here.

We’ve made it very simple to accurately keep track of time. For each task and visit, your team will have the option to check in and out via a button in the mobile app. This captures any information required for your records and for EVV as may be required, and automatically creates a timesheet entry for that task. Simple! Find out more about time tracking here.

Of course! Once you’ve set a task, you’ll be able to edit any of the information – including who in your team it is assigned to – with ease. Read more about setting and editing tasks here.

In FieldWorker, there are several different roles for you and your team, which will give each of you access to the parts of the platform that you need. For admins and managers, you’ll be able to see an overview of your team’s tasks, including any updates and notes they’ve added. You’ll also have access to their timesheet entries, which you’ll be able to approve and amend as necessary. Read more about the different team roles on FieldWorker here.

Yes! FieldWorker is flexible. When you’re setting a task, you can choose the kind of task it is, with options ranging from a phone call to a CBS visit to Planning and Checklists. Check out this page as an example for setting up a task as a checklist.

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Learn more about FieldWorker.

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