Ready for your next audit? Check!

Audits are on the rise – but that doesn’t have to mean more stress! FieldWorker keeps your agency audit-ready.

There are many requirements each care agency needs to fulfil in order to ensure audits run smoothly. That’s why it’s essential they have access to a platform which helps them keep up with ever-evolving guidelines and keep them audit ready at all times.

Pass Your Next Audit with Flying Colors

  • Simple time tracking to ensure activity reports and EVV records are up to date.
  • Access to dynamic overviews with call logs and time sheets.
  • All records are kept securely, ensuring complete privacy and HIPAA compliance.

FieldWorker: Case Management and Field Service Software built for a mobile workforce

Ready to keep your agency up-to-date and prepared for any audits that come your way at all times?


In short – everything you need to! We’ve designed spaces for client, contact, project and task information, in addition to EVV and timesheet records, spaces for viewing and uploading task and client-specific documentation and more. Want to know how to add your data and records? Check out this page for info on importing your records and setting up your agency!

Nothing special! The thing is, with FieldWorker, we make it easy for you and your team to keep your records up to date as you go – without sacrificing the amount of time you dedicated to delivering care to those who need it most. That means you’ll be prepared for even the most short-notice audits.

Yes! The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (i.e. HIPAA) sets the standards for sensitive patient data protection. All agencies dealing with protected health information (PHI) must have physical, network and process security measures in place and follow them to Ensure HIPAA compliance. FieldWorker has these measures built in, to give you peace of mind that your agency’s data is stored safely and securely.

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