(REAL)ly, it’s TIME To Start Adopting REAL-TIME Tracking Methods

What does it take to run a successful business? Lots of perseverance, responsibility, and time, right? Well, of course! However, let’s not downplay the importance of utilizing analytic technologies! Using the right analytic technology allows any business owner to make the necessary improvements to their products and/or services.  Several business owners are already starting to adopt new technologies to evaluate their company, so if your company hasn’t been doing so, I’d highly encourage it, especially if you want to remain competitive in the market.  support coordinator agency owners, ask yourselves this: Are you equipped with the right knowledge and technology to monitor your business? 

As support coordinator agency owners grapple with the effects of the pandemic and adjust to the “new normal,” it is absolutely essential that they are on top of all business operations, especially those related to their social workers. Real-Time tracking is there to help with that!  Not to mention, it also provides a plethora of other advantages! Let’s delve into some of the advantages of this ground-breaking technology: 

  1. Access to consolidated information: What defines an “effective” analytics tool? Well, in short, a tool that provides business owners with accurate and valuable insights on their company. There is a copious amount of data that can be both gathered and analyzed in a typical support coordinator business. For a psychology clinic with home-based therapy providers, it is typically the amount of time a therapist will spend on each case and with each client, and the distribution of cases and clients across the neighborhoods the clinic serves. For an adult day care center, it could be the ages of the clients, the disability and/or diseases they suffer from, their overall satisfaction with the care center and care workers, and so on and so forth. Real-Time tracking provides detailed, relevant, and easy-to-access analytics on all those insights, which in turn can inform better decision making. 
  1. Transparent KPIs and critical information: As all support coordinator agency owners know, tracking the location of their employees is crucial when it comes to directing essential equipment and ensuring safety. Many owners spend grueling hours pondering over how to implement tracking tools that are reasonably priced, effective, and easy to use. Real-Time tracking provides an easy-to-use and highly intelligent tracking tool that will allow agency owners to see where exactly their employees are and quickly respond to highly demanding and/or potentially dangerous situations. 
  1. Ability to track inefficiencies: Cost, productivity, and profit! These three words will surely resonate with any business owner! Every business owner knows the end goal is to maximize profit, meaning it is important to minimize costs as much as possible while maintaining stellar productivity and services. The productivity of the employees, social workers, directly impacts the costs incurred and the operational capacity. An effective tracking tool is one that contains one-touch systems, which are used for interactions throughout various stages in the delivery cycle. When it comes to evaluating cost and productivity, Real-Time operational data plays a crucial role. Real-Time tracking makes collecting and analyzing data user-friendly too!  I mean let’s be real, who wants to deal with some tracking method that is super confusing?

Now, these are simply a few of the many reasons why support coordinator agency owners should invest in Real-Time tracking. Real-time tracking ensures that any process will function smoothly and provides ample opportunity for both short term and long term improvements.  Agency owners, think about your company and employees! Learn about tracking technology! 

One of our top priorities at FieldWorker is staying up to date with technology and sharing information . Our app allows agency owners to monitor their agency by providing awesome tracking solutions! 

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