Myths about social worker case management software

3 Myths Debunked about Social Worker Case Management Software

While many social workers are making the switch to automated software systems, some are still apprehensive to adopt new technologies. 

What is a Social Worker Case Management Software, and does it apply to me?

Social Worker Case management software provides solutions for social agencies to help serve their clients better. Enabling you to optimize the process of service delivery and the effectiveness of your organization including the field team through technology.

Meet Janet, a Support Coordinator for an agency in New Jersey. Janet has a lot on her plate, and has to juggle multiple client visits along with completing reports and keep her head-office up-to-date on her progress. Social Worker Case Management Software, like Fieldworker, can help Janet save time by automating processes such as scheduling and task management. Through an array of tools such as geotracking, document retrieving, uploading, and archiving it also enables Janet to seamlessly collaborate with her supervisor while on the move.

SWCM software is a huge win for your organization’s productivity. We, at Fieldworker, want to debunk the myths that surround this new and innovative technology, so you and your team can unleash the power of automation. 

Myth Debunked #1: Social Worker Case Management software is too expensive.

In reality, SWCM software is actually relatively cheap. It is subscription-based and only entails monthly fees based on the size and requirements of your organization. 

In the case of Fieldworker, there are no set up costs and for first-time users the monthly subscription is currently being waived, making it entirely free of charge. This software also comes in mobile application form, meaning that employees can use their own mobile devices to access their schedules, route maps, and other app features. With little to no investment in new technology infrastructure, training, or set up costs, Health and human services management software promises organizations increased efficiency at a low cost.

Myth Debunked #2: Social Worker Case management software takes too much time to set up.

Another misconception is that a lot of time will have to be spent on setting up new technology infrastructure and training employees. SWCM software is easy to use, intuitive, and quick to set up. Moreover, cloud-based technologies require no new hardware which means your employees can start using these apps immediately on their preexisting devices. Software, like Fieldworker, also applies to organizations of any size, or even individuals who would benefit from its technology solutions, meaning you don’t need a full-fledged IT team to get things running. It’s literally as simple as scheduling a demo, and getting started. 

Myth Debunked #3: My organization has been doing just fine without it, I don’t need a Social Worker Case management software now.

In today’s climate, automated tools are paving the way for organizations to conduct their operations more efficiently. Not only does automation promise productivity outcomes and profitability in the long run but it also enables organizations to optimize service delivery for their clients. By automating time-consuming tasks such as document management and organization, automating case notes, and other activities, we make caseworkers very efficient. And, by giving you key business insights via dashboards and metrics, help you to leverage your resources and operations more efficiently. It’s a simple rule of the thumb that we follow here at Fieldworker: automation yields efficiency
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