Signs Your Agency Needs Case Management Software

As we see healthcare moving towards a personalized approach, a solution that puts the care recipients at the center of everything becomes that much more critical. In fact, according to Silverline, “82% of patients say quality customer service is the most important factor they consider when choosing care.” Case management software is a missing piece in the puzzle.   

A care recipient’s journey is not a straight line, definitely not for individuals with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities). Case management software improves the quality of care thereby elevating the clients’ experience by streamlining the coordination of care across different touchpoints. It’s a robust software that reduces friction between departments within the agency thereby helping agencies like yours serve your clients better. Perfect for agencies looking to treat their IDD clients with a next-gen solution. Read more about IDD here.

Case management software can benefit any health care organization that serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through community service, day programs, and supported living services. It helps to manage data that matters most to the agency — treat clients right through effective communication and impeccable coordination. 

Is case management software the right solution for you?  

IDD or case management software is for any healthcare service provider who supports and cares for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Such agencies deal with an overwhelming number of coordinations and cross-functional teamwork. They need a solution to manage the complexities of their work such as scheduling staff, maintaining client records, billing, audit-ready data, and remaining profitable while delivering the best service. That’s when case management software plays an important role. 

Signs your agency needs case management software:

  • The most obvious sign is using paper records for every single client. You notice administration costs going through the roof.
  • As an IDD agency, you have to wear multiple hats at the same time and are always short on time and resources. Automation via tech was always at the back of the mind but something held you back.
  • Your agency is split into standalone departments rather than a well-streamlined entity. Coordination for case managers is cumbersome, tracking attendance at the end of the month involves too much manpower, and billing is a recurring nightmare — does all this ring a bell? 
  • You want to build a trusted circle of care by bringing family members, sponsors, billing, audit, staff attendance, and healthcare records all on the same page. But centralized data is unheard of.
  • To digitize your agency, you use numerous tools or tools from providers that deal with all types of software. These generalist providers lack product and tech expertise in a specific niche such as IDD for example. 
  • Your IDD agency is providing the best service yet you are struggling to be profitable. There’s a loophole somewhere. How to move forward? Accessing valuable information and business insights is just not possible.
  • You want to combat your IDD agency’s staffing crisis by reducing paperwork.
  • You’ve never heard of audit-ready data. 
  • As an IDD agency, you’re working with a tight budget. Hyper-efficiency is the name of the game. 

Benefits of using case management software

  • Improve information sharing and centralized access
  • Save a lot of time and time is money
  • Ensure accurate time records
  • Get paid faster with quicker billing and payment cycles
  • Never miss out on any billable hours by tracking time accurately
  • Keep all information and documentation in one place 
  • Remove redundant data entry
  • Adhere to compliance regulations
  • Always be ready for an audit

If you’re curious about how case management software can ease your workload while coordinating every part of the agency and putting your clients at the center of care, check out the 5 ways case management software can transform the way you work.

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