3 Questions Social Services Agency Owners Need to Ask Themselves

Owning a company, no matter what industry you serve is challenging and incredibly stressful to say the least! It’s pretty incredible to think of the risks that entrepreneurs take in order to start, maintain and drive a successful business!

Owning a social service agency comes with just as much responsibility as owning any other company, arguably more, considering the fact that your employees are often responding to emergencies and unpredictable situations. We know that you have your clients and your employees on the forefront of your concerns, but let’s face it, as a business you’re also concerned about the bottom line. Monitoring your agency’s performance and analyzing the “stats” associated with your business is absolutely essential when looking for ways in which you can generate more profits. And in order to increase profits, you must be able to understand where your organization is losing out, which can be achieved by observing and analyzing detailed “stats” regarding your company and employees.

At FieldWorker, we have created an app for social service agencies that helps keep track of all the important business data through comprehensible and visual “Business Intelligence” dashboards.

With our Business Intelligence dashboards, we help owners and managers answer the following essential questions:

1. How many new cases has my agency onboarded?

Case management is the utmost priority when running a social service agency. It is vital that you as an owner know how many cases you’ve onboarded or lost when identifying areas for growth and improvement. Our Business Intelligence dashboards will provide you with that necessary information. All in one place and on one app! The information on the Business Intelligence dashboards can help evaluate and investigate your social workers’ performance. Hey, our dashboards may even help you fill out that dusty “Employee of the Month” board sitting in your office! Ever wondered if your current employees are at their capacity? Ever wondered whether or not you should invest in hiring more social workers? Well, our dashboards can help with that too!

The onboarding number that you will see will give you an idea of your agency’s overall performance and can indicate how well each and every one of your social workers is performing.

2. How much time are my caseworkers spending on their cases?

Our Business Intelligence dashboards assist you when it comes to keeping track of your social workers’ performance by allowing you to observe whether they’re making their appointments and meeting their deadlines on time. Here’s a good rule of thumb when evaluating your agency’s productivity: If several of your social workers are unable to attend to more than one or two appointments a day because they’re spending too much time on a particular case, your agency needs to improve its productivity. It is important to ensure that your social workers find a happy medium between spending time with clients and attending to as many clients as possible.

You, as social service agency owners, should ensure the utmost productivity of your agencies, especially since we are amidst a public health crisis and your services are in demand.

3. How are cases distributed across counties?

This onboard number is becoming increasingly important, especially if your agency serves a large metropolitan area or an entire state. It goes without fail that certain communities and counties that your agency serves will have more cases than others. If a particular county your agency is serving has an extensive amount of cases, you might want to consider the possible factors. For example, ask yourself the following questions: Is there less infrastructure and health services in those counties? Is there a higher poverty and/or unemployment rate? Considering these questions can help you gain more insight into the areas your agency is serving and can even assist government agencies in solving pressing issues surrounding social welfare.

Overall, our Business Intelligence dashboards will provide social service agency owners and managers with a consolidated view of critical measures that will help them operate efficiently. A lot of people assume that social service organizations don’t require much analytics and data. That is furthest from the truth! In this day and age, case management software is optimized with dashboards so social service agencies can stay on top of their agency’s progress.

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