The Vision Behind FieldWorker

Prabhat Vaish and Rohit Mathur are the founders of FieldWorker, realising their vision for a platform that aims to empower those working in social care. Here, they share their backgrounds and their view on the state of tech in social and community care – and how this led them to start FieldWorker.

What is your vision for FieldWorker?


It’s multifold! First, it’s about equitability and availability of tech. We believe that even the smallest agencies should have access to cutting-edge technology that helps them provide the best care. After all, the benefits they get from having access to such tech should be carried forward to those receiving care in the community. They shouldn’t be excluded due to budget or systems designed only for large-scale agencies.

We also want to make it easy for all organizations to keep up with all the changes that are happening in social care. It should be simple to stay up-to-date and ensure all the newest regulations are being met.


We envision FieldWorker to be a common platform that seamlessly connects caseworkers, care recipients and providers for efficient, high-quality care delivery. It should make processes and overall support coordination agency management more efficient, help save costs, ensure all involved have access to all the information they need at all times, and ultimately ensure all those working to deliver care have the tools they need to focus on care delivery.

What makes FieldWorker stand out?


There are two things – the product, and the people behind it! As a team, our ethos is to solve problems quickly, deliver value fast, and adapt quickly when needed. We place emphasis on being fast-moving and agile.

In terms of the product itself, the key thing is we’ve very much designed it with a mobile workforce in mind. We make functionalities available to people in the field at the exact moment they need them, not when they return to the office and then need to remember and write updates hours later.

And of course, security. In addition to compliance, we prioritize the overall security of the platform given the sensitive nature of the records being kept there. We ensure all data is protected and encrypted.


We’ve taken a fresh look at how the latest in technology can serve the needs of the care recipients as well as the caseworkers of today.

What we provide is solutions for a mobile workforce, who are out there delivering in-home care in the community rather than being confined to offices, and we’ve combined this with the latest in technology to make their work easier. We have voice-to-text technology for updating case notes. We have electronic automatic location identification. We have automatic document capture. We have features built in to make our software HIPAA-compliant. Plus, FieldWorker is flexible, usable for both small and large agencies, and able to scale as agencies grow.

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