We believe software should be simple, fast and useful – it should provide you with the right information at the right time, empowering you to make the business critical decisions you need to make.

Especially, for health and human services organizations, the timeliness of information flow and associated decisions can have a critical impact on the quality of outcomes.

At AnalytiQ we have been doing Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for more than a decade. We are based in Princeton, NJ and have been building Analytics and Decisions systems on critical real time data that is distributed and difficult to consolidate.

We worked with many
organizations, who have
employees in the field
visiting clients, patients, or
other field locations.

We found that these organizations spend a lot of time coordinating activities, tracking time & tasks, consolidating information and communicating with the main office and amongfield colleagues.

We also found that CEO’s of field organizations struggle to get a real time view into their business, because information is sometimes local to the field worker, is on local devices or on paper and lags consolidation into a central location. Management has to chase information down as the processes around collection & collation of information are manual or time intensive.

We decided to address
this by building
FieldWorker, making it very
simple to collect &
consolidate critical
information from the field
regardless of location.

FieldWorker provides dynamic, visually informative & real time dashboards to management for critical decision making in their business. It eliminates paperwork and manual processes for both fieldworkers and management, reducing workload, improving productivity, automating compliance/audit requirements and increasing profitability.

We have found businesses such as social & human services organizations, in-home health and hospice care organizations, travel clinicians, embracing and benefiting from the many features of FieldWorker.

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Check out our plans or start your free trial of FieldWorker today.

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