Newsletter #005 – Reflecting on the world right now…

Throughout March, we’ve been shocked to see the situation in Ukraine escalating, and our heart goes out to all those affected. We’ve put together information on how the conflict is impacting individuals with disabilities. 🇺🇦

Of course, March has also been IDD awareness month. We want to continue raising awareness beyond March, and invite you to continue with us!

– Rohit & the FieldWorker Team


What’s the situation for individuals with disabilities in Ukraine?

There are around 2.7 million individuals in Ukraine who are living with disabilities. While nearly 4 million have already fled due to the Russian invasion, for those with disabilities, it’s especially hard to get to safety. Here we share resources and fundraisers for you to support.


All about Down Syndrome

Did you know that March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day? We’ve put together some information to give you a background on what Down Syndrome is and how to support individuals living with Down Syndrome. Check it out to learn more and access some excellent resources to raise awareness!


Are you on LinkedIn?

In addition to the FieldWorker platform, we want to bring together a community of those working in care and IDD support. Check us out on LinkedIn where we share helpful resources and would love you to contribute your own thoughts!


Feeling overwhelmed? Try this…

Reflect on your current mindset. For every thought that you have that you can’t do it, or it’s too hard, tell yourself you can. You got this!

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