Ayo, I’m (not) tired of using technology – Wake up agency owners, it’s time to embrace technology

Social Workers, along with agency personnel have to deal with a great deal of documentation on each client they serve. This process can be time consuming and frustrating for everyone involved. Despite this career being an extremely rewarding one, it can also be equally problematic due to the high level of paperwork requirements from the state. Usually, this is to satisfy governmental and insurance funding sources. 

The paperwork requirements can even be overwhelming for clients. Particularly in the case of intake forms, while this is important in establishing a bond with the client, it is a lengthy and tedious process. Thus, leading to minimal genuine interaction as more time is dedicated to completing these state requirements. In turn, resulting in social worker burnout within the profession, providing a disadvantage to agencies as employee morale is significantly low. 

While each agency is different, it’s hard to escape the reality of the paperwork mandates and how this negatively impacts time spent with clients out on the field. Where client-social worker relationships are the foundation of a successful agency, if this paperwork is posing a threat to the health of this relationship it’s important to consider alternatives, such as technology solutions. 

Technology solutions will help in organizing paperwork in the correct fashion. Through automation techniques information will be correctly filed, reviewed and processed on one database accessed within an organization. This allows for timely data collection, more one-on-one time with clients and higher employee satisfaction within an agency. Adopting technology acts as a benefit on a small and large scale from the social worker to the executive level owner. 

FieldWorker promises a seamless transition and adoption process where we offer FREE app demos for agency owners as well as the team. We believe in complete integration and will be there every step of the way to ensure an easy transition onto our application. 

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