Electronic Visit Verification

Effortless EVV compliance to keep you audit-ready at all times

As per the Cures Act, agencies need to meet the requirements of EVV. FieldWorker makes EVV compliance easy with simple check-in and out features that record all the data needed.

Everything needed for EVV captured quickly

  • Check in and out of visits in-app, recording all information necessary for the visit to meet EVV-regulations including date, location and duration.
  • There’s no need to check back and add information – it’s all recorded at the point of visit.
  • You’ll see an overview of all visits and data necessary for EVV in real-time.
  • Your records will be ready to go for your next audit.

FieldWorker: Case Management and Field Service Software built for a mobile workforce

Ready to see for yourself how EVV is simplified with FieldWorker?


When your team checks in and out of tasks, we automatically capture all of the information required under state EVV regulations, for example, the time of the start and end of the visit, the client and their details, and the location. And because it’s all captured automatically with the tap of a button, your team won’t need to spend lots of their time ensuring all the necessary details are recorded! Learn more about EVV and FieldWorker here.

You don’t need to do anything besides tapping “Check in” and “Check out”! All required information is captured automatically, either from your database or from your device when you tap these buttons. Time and location are captured at the point of check-in and out, with location being noted via your device’s GPS capabilities.

No fear! We understand EVV can be a very complex topic. Our team has spent time understanding the processes involved, and that’s helped us make sure EVV is handled intuitively and smoothly in the FieldWorker platform. You can learn more about how our EVV process is handled here, and our expert team is always on hand ready to help you if you need help in understanding what EVV requires, how to set up with your state’s EVV aggregator and more!

Approaching deadlines? No need to stress – it’s quick to get set up with FieldWorker. In fact, you can be set up and have your team ready to join you very quickly, so even if you have an approaching deadline to be EVV compliant fast approaching, we’ll be ready to help you make it in time!

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