Keep on Top of Your Work with Checklists and Reminders

Ensure your team can perform to the best of their abilities with a clear overview of their tasks and priorities.

We know how many tasks all of us working in care can have to accomplish every day, but it doesn’t need to be difficult to keep track. That’s where having access to a place where you can clearly see what you need to do, how urgent each task is, and all the information you need to accomplish it can transform the way you work.

Give Your Team the Tools to Excel

  • Simple project and task system, allowing you to add all necessary information and delegate to your team.
  • Checklists to help your team track progress towards larger projects and goals.
  • Fields within tasks and projects to allow you to add vital information such as support worker contact details and priority.
  • Reminders so your team know exactly when they need to deliver.
  • Overviews of all tasks and progress across your team, making roadblocks transparent.

FieldWorker: Task Management and Tracking to Ensure Your Team Succeeds

Ready to give your team the tools they need to accomplish all the tasks ahead of them?


Checklists can help map out what needs to be done to complete a larger task, making it easier for your team to keep on track. On FieldWorker, when creating a task, you can define the type of task in question. One possible type of task is “Checklist”. This will mean the task will appear as an item to be ticked under the assigned employee’s “Checklists” section in the FieldWorker mobile app. See how it looks here.

Yes! FieldWorker is flexible. When you’re setting a task, you can choose the kind of task it is, with options ranging from a phone call to a CBS visit to Planning and Checklists.

Once you’ve invited your team to join you on the FieldWorker platform, you’ll be able to assign tasks directly to them. When you add a new task or checklist, you’ll have the chance to add all required information, including who in your team will be working on it. They’ll then see it in their list of tasks along with all the relevant information.

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