What is Social Work Case Management Software?

Social work case management software is a Case Management Software tailored to meet the needs of social workers. The primary goal is to enable social workers to execute service programs efficiently while accurately viewing client information.

Bolatito Jacobs, the Founder, and CEO of Caring For Your Needs, a Support Coordination agency in New Jersey, recently made a “case” for a case management software such as FieldWorker. Bolatito stated that FieldWorker’s software made all the difference for her organization’s growth.

She further stated, “FieldWorker has transformed the way we work. I can track all activities, see what is outstanding for each Coordinator, see that the visits & calls are taking place with proof for any audit. I can see case notes & validate them before the creation of Monthly reports & any updates to the state’s i-record system, we have all documents in one location, and I can bill for payments much faster.”

Benefits of Using a Case Management Software

Case management software can be customized for social and community organizations. Its principal job is to simplify hundreds of interactions from diverse client sources such as-

  • Billing
  • Scheduling
  • Auditing
  • History

Suppose you have trouble accessing up-to-date information, shared documents, and concerns  overseeing customer cases in different departments. In that case, you need to review your case management process because a social-work case management software can help you save time and lower costs.

Here’s how a case management software streamlines your case management process, while giving your organization flexibility:

  • Be Audit-ready at all Times: Simple time tracking to ensure activity reports and EVV records are up to date.
  • Speed up case notes with voice-to-text tech: Voice-to-text technology allows you to dictate updates to your case notes, making it quicker than ever to make updates while at client visits.
  • Meet state-mandated EVV requirements:  Your organization’s records are kept secure, with complete privacy and HIPAA compliance assured.
  • Accelerate your billing cycle:  All the information you need for billing in one place – from time to client history and insurance details.

How Social Work Case Management software can Reduce Turnover

In a recent report with PHI or (Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute), a New York-based advocacy organization for direct care workers – the U.S. population is aging rapidly.
This means there will be more requirements for home-based care providers.

An estimated 7.4 million direct care jobs will be available and need to be filled by 2029. Read more here. Interestingly enough, most of the jobs will be in-Home care, roughly 4.5 million.

Stephen Campbell, a data analyst, working at PHI wasn’t surprised at these projections. There will be more jobs in Homecare than in any other field. However, it’s the most underrated and least visible.

He stated the lack of job quality is the main reason direct care workers are leaving. Mr. Campbell also talked about states and employers needing to think of better strategies to reduce turnover

Otherwise, when we need them (care workers) the most, we won’t have any.

Case Management Software that helped a Caregiving Concern

Megan O’ Keefe, an executive director at “Caregiver Volunteers,” recently talked about a case management software that’s helped streamline her organization immensely.Megan disclosed that you’re always expected to make the most of what you get as a volunteer organization. She also stated that suitable investment in technology, such as case management software like “FieldWorker” could keep everyone well-organized, streamlined and beneficial for the community. Read more here on her interview.

Once you invest in technology like some of the benefits FieldWorker provides, it makes tech so much more accessible, especially, in this digital age where we need to connect and then get essential information and use it. That’s where it makes it all possible. We’ve been able to see how it’s helped impact our community footprint – making volunteering even more accessible, it’s really a win-win for everybody!

Megan O’ Keefe – Executive Director at Caregiver Volunteers

She implies that a proper case management process will give volunteers and care workers more quality time with their patients and possibly less stress. After all, that’s what will benefit everyone involved

You can also expect increased revenue, your overall costs lowered, and your employees satisfied. Learn more about FieldWorker’s case management solutions here.

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