benefits of going paperless

6 Main Benefits of Going Paperless in your Office

Don’t underestimate the power of going paperless

Reducing the amount of paper your organization uses doesn’t just save trees, it also saves your employees valuable time.There are huge benefits of going paperless today. If your health and human services organization is considering a paperless system, there’s no better time to do so. Huge leaps in technology have made it incredibly easy and cost-effective to convert paper into digital files. Cloud-based software is enabling teams to communicate remotely and in real-time, optimizing collaboration and workflows in new ways. If you’re still on the fence about going paperless, we’ve highlighted 4 benefits that we think are relevant to HHS organizations.

Important Information all in one place

We often find ourselves looking for ways to stay organized and on top of things. The best way to do that  is to have your information all in one place, making it easier to organize documents. How do you ensure this information is all in one place? Through automation. Where you can convert your loose papers into online archives for efficient filing and create a paperless work environment.

In the case of SWCM organizations easy document archiving and retrieving of information is especially important. As workers are on the field constantly communicating and sharing data with their base office, the only way to remain productive is through going paperless and creating a paperless office.

Cut down on time spent filling paperwork

Time is money. The best way to optimize time is to allocate your time smartly. One way to achieve this is by going paperless. This is beneficial for processes such as uploading documents for clients to access on the go, from wherever they may be.

Easy information sharing

Going paperless allows you to collaborate with your colleagues remotely. With all your documents being digitized and accessible by all, it opens channels of communication among your team members. Additionally, you are able to communicate in real-time without experiencing any lags that would further delay work. Through information sharing, communication becomes more seamless and reliable.


Accessibility plays an important role in ensuring effective paperless communication. Let’s face it, dealing with paper and files makes the whole process of transferring from one team to the next quite complicated. Whereas, this information online means it is accessible to everyone in an organization.

Go paperless to ease your loadout in the field 

With all that said, going paperless will not only improve the quality of your processes by saving precious time and the environment, it will also keep everyone in the organization connected as communication gaps are filled by this timely sharing of information and resources.

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