Do Your Mandatory Client Visits Make You Feel Unsafe Sometimes?

When we think of a dangerous profession, we think law enforcement, firefighting, serving in the military and during COVID-19, a front-line caregiver. 

What about social work? As an organization that offers case management software for social workers, we recognize that social workers often put themselves in harm’s way while on the job. 

These employees are constantly putting themselves in risky situations to help a client and perform their job to the best of their best ability. Social Workers are at risk, when making home visits alone and in unfamiliar surroundings, serving people with serious conditions i.e. mental illnesses and potentially getting involved in dangerous family dynamics. Workplace safety is becoming an increasing concern to organizations. 

Our FieldWorker Application is integrated with an easy to use one touch button interface. Enabling social workers to let the home office know where they are at any given point. In addition, a simple Check-In/Check-out interface enables Electronic Verification of Visit (E.V.V) compliance as per the Cures Act, capturing essential data including location, duration and other required information. In turn, making the social worker feel safe and secure with the help of FieldWorker. 

It’s important Social Workers take precautions to create safe environments for themselves and their clients. There is a plethora of resources available online to help with self-defense as well as other methods that create a safe work environment. “In every single work setting, in every neighborhood and socioeconomic group, violence can occur,” says Eva Skolnik-Acker, LICSW, consultant to a workplace safety training program operated by the Massachusetts chapter of NASW. “Every social worker and human service worker can be a victim of aggression at some time during their career.” Given this very real situation, we make safety our number one priority as most organizations are beginning to do so as well.


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